Deliver your message fast and effectively with one of the most popular,
low cost marketing products available anywhere. 
The standard door hanger lets you quickly repeat your message for
maximum economy.  Restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and motels, real estate, cable TV,
church groups, power washing, lawn service, pest control, service businesses and any other
businesses seeking customers.
Do door hangers work?
Yes, which is why Fortune 500 companies throughout the US have been adding
or migrating to this medium as a marketing touch point. Door hangers are also being
embraced as a postal alternative for Charitable, Non-Profit,
Political and Public Service organizations. 

As for printing on one side or two, the additional cost is minimum in considering the
additional print area for your message. Depending on your local demographics,
the second side can be used to present your message in a second language. 
Depending on the quantity and size of your delivery footprint, it may be more economical
and time effective to hire an experienced company for your delivery. 
When doing so, be sure to ask about what type of delivery verification will be provided.
Door Hangers 
Size: 8½  x  3¼ 
Standard (Jumbo)
Door Hangers 
Size: 4¼ x 11  
Door Hangers